Bitter Sweet B.S.

by Niki & Ry


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Niki is Ry's girlfriend; in her early 20s. She currently lives with her brother Mario and their mother(Don't get your hopes up of ever seeing her!), and works retail at the local airport. At times she can appear to be flaky, but can be quite serious when she puts her mind to it. She also has an uncanny ability to accept the unusual, which is a very handy trait with a boyfriend like Ry.
Ry is a green-eyed, brown haired 25 year old, and currently lives on his own. He has been in a relationship with Niki for many years, and does his best to make her life interesting. He is a temporary contract worker for numerous companies; the pay sucks but the hours are steady. There are times when reality and he are not on speaking terms.
Ralph is also 25 years of age, and works in the soul-sucking blackhole that is telephone customer service. He is an all around nice guy, but not always the most patient of people; however, for the sake of old friendship he will endure through Ry's occasional bouts of oddity.
At 18, Dare is in his last year of highschool. He spends most of his out-of-school hours either hanging out with his friends, or with his older cousin Ry and his friends. He's a pretty serious guy, with eclectic taste in friends; cases in point, a not-so-gothy goth named Raven, and a personality voide recluse named Bill.
Mario has just entered his 20s, and is Niki's younger brother. He has always been a mysterious character, and always seems to appear at inopportune moments. He has a great love for all manner of gadgetry, which raises questions as to how he manages to always be up on the bleeding-edge of technology.
Tania is slightly older than her friends, and with her friend Niki also works at the airport. She has known Niki since high-school and has become somewhat desensitized to Niki's sometimes eccentric behaviour. By extension this also applies to Ry, although they try their damnedest to get her to react. She has a low tolerance for stupidity and ignorance.
A chance meeting with Mario has introduced Bob into a new circle of friends. He has got a touch of bad luck in where he lives and where he works, but since meeting Mario his fortunes have taken a change; if not for the better, then at least for the interesting.
Weird little man with wings, who may or may not just be a figment of Niki's imagination. He constantly tries to get her to consume vast amounts of sugar, for some unknown purpose. He has been absent lately, leading Niki to consider that even he has no idea what his agenda is.
Dare's schoolyard chum and confidant, the not-so-gothy-Goth.
Store manager for HBE Corp's retail location and Bob's current employer, Peter has a penchant for fishnet uniforms and nipples.

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